Michael Hauptly-Pierce

Contributing writer

Michael Hauptly-Pierce is a co-founder of Lithermans Limited in Concord and an avid ranter. Michael writes the “First Draft” column for New Hampshire Magazine as well as our monthly “Sips” section.

He also co-hosts “The Tap Handle Show,” a podcast all about beer, where racier rants abound. Learn more at lithermans.beer and thetaphandleshow.com.

Building on Hope Completes the Nashua Police Athletic League Project

It is often difficult to do the right thing under the best of circumstances. Life tends to get in the way of proactive good deed doing, despite the best of intentions. But the last nine months have made fundraising almost impossible, and have made any kind of "barn-raising" efforts even harder. This is where Building On Hope (BOH) comes in. They just finished their most recent project, the Nashua Police Athletic League.