Contact Information for New Hampshire Magazine

150 Dow Street
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 624-1442

Where to find a copy of the print edition

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Subscription questions

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New Hampshire Magazine Editorial

Name Phone | Email
Rick Broussard
(603) 413-5119
Erica Thoits
Managing Editor
(603) 413-5130
Chip Allen
Creative Director
(603) 413-5128
Emily Heidt
Assistant Editor and Calendar Editor
(603) 413-5115
Morgen Connor
Digital Media Specialist
(603) 413-5149
Susan Laughlin
Cuisine Editor

New Hampshire Magazine Sales and Advertising

Name Phone | Email
Kimberly Lencki
Group Advertising Sales Director
(603) 413-5154
Connie Audet
Nashua/Bedford/Salem Region Senior Account Executive
(603) 413-5142
Josh Auger
Greater Manchester Account Executive
(603) 413-5144
Angela LeBrun
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
(603) 413-5120

Administration and Events

Name Phone | Email
Mista McDonnell
Business Manager
(603) 413-5114
Emily Samatis
Event and Marketing Manager
(603) 413-5125
Kristine Senna
Marketing and Events Coordinator
(603) 413-5113
Heather Rood
Business and Sales Coordinator
(603) 413-5110

Need to edit your calendar listing?

Noticed a typo or need to correct something in a calendar listing that you submitted? Please reach out to Emily Heidt or call her at (603) 413-5115 and she’ll be happy to assist you.

Media Sponsorship Requests

Interested in having New Hampshire Magazine as a media sponsor for your upcoming event? Please click here for more information and the McLean Communications Media Partnership Application. We kindly remind you that requests should be made at least 3-4 months in advance due to space and schedule restrictions.