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The map below reveals the towns that have been examined and reported on in the “Our Town” department of New Hampshire Magazine over the past decade or so by two writers who have contributed to New Hampshire Magazine for most of it’s existence. Barbara Radcliffe Rogers and writer/photographer Stillman Rogers are the authors of eight guidebooks covering New Hampshire and New England. Stillman’s most recent book, It Happened in New Hampshire, features 36 events in the state’s history, from the lost 1622 colony of Pannaway to the election of women to all New Hampshire’s major offices in 2012. The Rogers’ favorite places in the state are its small towns and villages, where they enjoy uncovering history and finding little known natural sites. For fun, Barbara muses on foods they’ve enjoyed in their travels, from Portuguese breads to Scottish haggis and Italy’s rare white truffles, for her blog, Worldbite.

While small towns in New Hampshire may seem to be as constant as a still life painting, changes do occur, so be sure to do a little research before heading out based upon a story that may have been written a year or two earlier. And if you learn of things that should be updated, send those notes to editor@nhmagazine.com. We’ll pass them along to Barbara and Stillman. 

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