J.W. Ocker

J.W. Ocker is originally from Maryland but has lived in New Hampshire for more than a decade.

He is the Lowell Thomas- and Edgar Award-winning author of macabre travelogues, spooky kid’s books, and horror novels. His books include Poe-Land: The Hallowed Haunts of Edgar Allan Poe; A Season with the Witch: The Magic and Mayhem of Halloween in Salem, MassachusettsDeath and Douglas, and Twelve Nights at Rotter House. His next book, “Cursed Objects,” debuts in September 2020 and is up for preorder.

Visit him at oddthingsiveseen.com or send him New Hampshire oddities that he should visit at ockerjw@gmail.com.

A McRib in a Mausoleum

So there I was, sneaking a McRib into the mausoleum of Mount Calvary Cemetery in Manchester. The mausoleum is a beautiful one, with large colorful stained-glass windows, marble and brass walls full of the shelved dead in an airy chapel.…

Old Woods and Old Wars

Historical highway markers are a dice throw. Sometimes you pull over to these metal informational hitchhikers to find the most boring facts punched into their faces. And sometimes the stories they tell will expand your sense of time and history.…