Mood Music for a Happy (We Hope) UFO Day

On July 26, the first U.S. Congressional hearings on UAP will take place with three “whistleblowers” answering questions about the out-of-this-world weirdness that apparently has been going on for nearly 100 years

Sign of Things To Come

Photo by Jared Zabel CURRENT TEXT (with inaccurate portion in: red): Betty and Barney Hill Incident: On the night of September 19–20, 1961, Portsmouth, NH couple Betty and Barney Hill experienced a close encounter with an…

UFOs in New Hampshire

Fifty years ago this September, a UFO was spotted over Exeter. Or was it something else? This case (and many others that took place here in New Hampshire) remains unsolved. Discover the evidence, read the accounts and decide for yourself what did or didn’t happen.