Author: Rick Broussard

Greatest Versus Worst

Our postmodern age is fun if you enjoy watching language change before your eyes. I’m an editor, so my job is to be a stickler, but as Gen. John Stark’s life made clear, you’ve got to pick your battles. Which brings us to my point of contention: our famous state motto

The Old Man and Me

Don’t hate me, but I was originally not that fond of the Old Man of the Mountain. I’m from out of state (ain’t we all?). Maybe that stony visage was just less endearing to someone whose formative outdoor experiences were not bracketed by drives past it.

100 Odes to Infinity

In “Outer Space: 100 Poems,” a new volume curated and edited by Midge Goldberg, the power of poetry is used to scan the heavenly firmament and finds that it reflects those same intricate beauties back to the careful observer.

Power of the Individual

The top doctor in the world, according to the education company Embibe, is a professor of orthopedics and medical director for The Dartmouth Institute. Surgeon Dr. William A. Abdu leads a top 10 list they recently released.

Reeling in the Years

This coming March, I’ll have worked as editor of this magazine (or a precursor of it) for 30 years. So, 2023 will be an auspicious year for me, but even more so for the state celebrated in these pages: New Hampshire is turning 400.