New Hampshire Magazine - June 2020

We’ve been honored to feature profiles on the state’s most excellent nurses for the past few years in partnership with the NH Nurses Association — and this year more so than ever. Current events reveal the crucial role these unsung heroes play as they work the front lines of response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our interviews with these remarkable nurses will give you an idea of the training and character required to exhibit excellence in this lifesaving career. And our feature by Barbara Coles on the past, present and future of pandemics in New Hampshire is a fascinating (and hopeful) look at how the state is coping this time around. Summer is a time of year when the outdoors beckons. Our state’s most famous estuary, The Great Bay, is a vast and wonderful area to explore and it plays an important role in the health of our seacoast environment. The people who love and protect the Great Bay are unsung heroes of another kind. Of course, useful stories on travel and fun in the Granite State still appear in this issue, but we’ve focused on those attractions, like camping, reading and gardening, that welcome social distancing.

There’s plenty to use and enjoy the June issue of New Hampshire Magazine. If you are still hunkering down, I hope you find some joy and vicarious freedom in our pages. Feel free to let me know, one way or the other. I love getting letters from readers.

Be well and be kind,
Rick Broussard

OK, What's Next?

The plague, the Spanish flu. We all read about them when we studied history in school. Such horrors seemed like artifacts of the past, long-ago tales of unimaginable death. But here we are, in the midst of another pandemic. Fortunately, with our contemporary medical knowledge, the toll is not likely to be as great. But in this respect, it is the same as it was in past pandemics — it will change us, in ways large and small. We talked to people in various fields to get their perspectives.

Honorary Editors

Since the old order of things has been tossed and everything is changing, here’s a thought. What if I appointed you, dear readers, to take over some of my editorial duties? Don’t laugh. It’s happening.

Meet Raconteur Papa Joe Gaudet

Meet Papa Joe Gaudet, raconteur and gentle soul. He keeps his life unencumbered, liberated from those silly things that distract the rest of us. He has all that he needs. And he’ll make you smile.