New Hampshire Magazine - March/April 2022

Animal Magnetism

From Ernest Harold Baynes’ beloved birds and buffalo to Clark’s famous bears to North Conway’s Spunky the Frog, animals have been movers and shakers of our history and culture for as long as we’ve been a state.

“Brothers” Gets Grammy Nod

Tom Eaton is still learning what it’s like to be back in New Hampshire after spending the better part of the last few decades building a life and career crafting critically acclaimed new age music across the border in Newburyport.…

Farewell to a Primary Icon

The moment Bill Gardner announced his retirement as New Hampshire Secretary of State in early January, those in politics inside the state and beyond described it as the end of an era.

Covid in the Time of Chickens

In the woods I found an egg, abandoned by feral guinea fowl. “Hatch me,” the egg said. I showed my grown-up daughter, who lives over the garage. She googled incubation. If we’re…