New Hampshire Magazine - Best Places New Hampshire 2020

Dear readers and friends,

As summer draws near, the world beckons us to get out and enjoy it. This year, of course, is different, with many attractions and businesses closed until further notice while we work and isolate ourselves out of the coronavirus pandemic. But what a magazine can do better than just about any other medium is deliver the fun, excitement and beauty of our world into your home and your hands. Best Places: New Hampshire, our special May issue, can serve as your dream book while you plan for the better days ahead.

Filled with great stories, lush photography and illustrated maps, Best Places is the next best thing to actually touring the state in person. Don’t miss the 2020 update to Steve Taylor’s famous list of “100 Things You Should Do to Know the Real New Hampshire.”

Be well, be kind and thanks for reading,

Rick Broussard

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