New Hampshire Magazine - January 2014

Waste Not with Rag Rugs

Chris Ruwell has seen a lot of changes in her 35-year career as a family and consumer science teacher. It’s no longer home economics and no longer just for girls. But Ruwell, 57, who teaches at Merrimack Valley Middle School…

Green Spirit

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s an ever-growing list of topics you can’t discuss without people withdrawing from one another into opposing camps? Differences are good, but like a bottle of salad dressing, it’s better when you shake things up.

Your Letters from the January 2014 Issue

Send letters to Editor Rick Broussard, New Hampshire Magazine, 150 Dow St., Manchester, NH 03101 or e-mail him at Double Whammy Well, it isn't often I get called a "cool chick" once, but twice by the lovely lady around…