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Double Whammy
Well, it isn't often I get called a "cool chick" once, but twice by the lovely lady around town Courtney Hoppe in her very complimentary "Evening Out" section of your [December 2013] magazine about my Guest Farm in Deerfield was a double whammy!  Thanks to all the fine folks at NH Magazine for such a great publication about our even greater state of New Hampshire!

Molly Grant
The Cordwainer Shop at Wild Orchard Guest Farm

Secret Revealed
Something that has been the best-kept secret in Littleton has been The Littleton Historical Museum. My husband is the curator (just since January of 2013) and it is becoming less of a secret! Might be something fun to explore for NH Magazine sometime. 

I loved the article on Bethlehem, our next door neighbor ["Weekender," December 2013].

Deb Alberini

December Love
Love the front cover. Also like, "A Granite State Guide to Comforts and Joys of Locally Sourced Christmas Season" [December 2013].

Santa's reindeer question and answer section also nice ["Q&A," December 2013 ]. I intend on showing it to my grandson.

Lorraine Cahill

A New Perspective
The cover picture of Portsmouth is beautiful. Because traffic is one way, we have never seen Market Square from that direction.

Maggie McAuliffe

Editor's note: Thanks, Maggie. We forgot to mention where that shot was taken in the issue. Great photographers are basically just people who know how to look at things the other way.

Nailed It
You totally captured the vibe of the book ["Bookshelf," December 2013]. Beautifully done. You picked a couple examples and gave your take on it. As one who reviews many books for interviews, I realize entire books do not get read cover to cover. I have no idea how much you read, but you nailed my intentions for the feel of the book. Many, many thank yous!

Mike Morin
WZID Radio Host

Outlet Appreciation
I apologize, this e-mail is a couple of weeks late getting to you! Thank you so much for the wonderful article you wrote about the Outlet ["Retail," November 2013]! It was such a great article — so well-written and cleverly done! It has brought a lot of people in. Thank you again!

Allison Burdon
Barbour Outlet

Family Trees
Thoughts for a story? Are you interested in family lines? Or genealogy? Manchester has one of finest genealogy research libraries specializing in lines going back to France. "Broussard" [the magazine editor's last name] seems to have a French ring to it?

As a past president of the American-Canadian Genealogical Society located at 4 Elm St. in Manchester, I would be very pleased to introduce you to what we have to offer.

Al Hamel

Fantastic Falcons
I have used your magazine to find new and interesting things to do with my grandchildren. Last month I took my oldest grandson to the NH School of Falconry. It was fantastic. Keep finding interesting places and things to do.

Marion Chouinard

Truffle Suggestions?
Please continue to feature New Hampshire arts, gourmet foods and wines from the Granite State. One idea: Where can one buy, say, black truffles in NH? And who is open on Sundays?

Carol Brooks

Eastman Evolution
My wife and I have been part-time residents of New Hampshire for about 20 years, living in Eastman within the town of Grantham. We used to split our time between NH and Mass., where we both grew up and lived most of our adult lives, but have retired, four years ago, and now split our time between NH and Florida. We are relatively recent discoverers of your magazine, and have enjoyed it ever since finding it. My father was born in Rye, NH, in 1908, so we have some length of historical connectedness to the Granite State.

One story that might be interesting would be to look at the changes that have occurred within the Eastman community since its inception in the early- to mid-1970s when it was primarily a retirement/second-home community as it has transitioned into a much more diverse and balanced year-round residential community, but with considerable residual values from its original plan and intent. I believe it is a real success story.

You might also consider throwing in a poem of local genesis each month as a gesture of kindness to the many poetically inclined folks in our area. We have at least two living ex-Poets Laureate of the United States living within close proximity to our area, Donald Hall in Wilmot, and Maxine Kumin in Warner, and I'm sure that they, and their many appreciative fans would love to see  a poem or two grace your pages on a regular basis.

Bill Gothorpe
Naples, Fla.

The Hunt Continues
Sorry to bother you again but thought you would like an update on searching for NH Magazine.

My husband and I went to Vermont again last weekend and again decided we would stop in West Lebanon to get the November issue.

We thought maybe when we stopped there last time for the October Beer issue we were just too early but surely this time we are now a week into November, our search would be fruitful.

So, we went to Shaw's, Hannaford, Rite Aid and there were none available.

Sold out?

We asked that question in each location to a few different associates. Some had no idea if they ever got the November issue in and some were not even familiar with the magazine. (Are you kidding me? Even I heard of NH Magazine before I bought my first issue.)

CVS .. . now this was funny.

Right beside the cash register is NH Magazine. Great location, right? Too bad it was the October issue we could not find there the previous month.

We did finally get the November issue from a friend who found it in Haverhill, Mass. We are going to North Conway in December and can't wait to read the December issue — if we can find it. This is now becoming a mission.

And has sort of become a laugh between my husband and I, like trying to find "Where's Waldo." Since we won't be going to NH (or Vermont) as much after the first of the year, I guess it's time to subscribe.

Laurel Kennedy Oster
Norwood, Mass.

Editor's note: Thanks for the field report. We're constantly tweaking circulation and will be looking into that region.

"Best Of" Overload
I really enjoy your magazine.  I enjoy most everything in the magazine, although I am burnt out on the "best of" everything.  Otherwise, I read it faithfully.

Lee Betts


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