Mike Morin


All around media man Mike Morin began his writing career back in 2004 with his first humor column in the Nashua Telegraph. Since then, his list of publications includes this magazine, The Boston Globe, the New Hampshire Business Review, Clean Eating and more. He’s also the author of a number of books, including “50 Shades of Radio” and his most recent, “Lunch With Tommy and Stasia,” about the glory days of candlepin bowling (for which he was at TV announcer once upon a time). He spent more than four decades in radio, with a memorable stint on WZID’s morning show. He took some time off from broadcasting, but has since returned to the early morning radio waves – you can find him on 106.3 FM, Monday to Friday, from 6-9 a.m. Learn more about Mike at his website.

385 Miles of Smiles

Popular long-time WZID radio personality Mike Morin smiles a lot while on the air. He knows even if people can't see his smile they CAN hear it. His musical selections and on-air banter with co-host Tracy Caruso bring smiles to…