Portsmouth Chocolate House Celebrates Community and One-Of-A-Kind Artisan Chocolate

Satisfy your sweet tooth at la Cascade du Chocolat’s new Seacoast location
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La Cascade du Chocolat celebrated the opening of their new Portsmouth location last weekend. Photo by Emily Heidt

If you are looking for a “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” level chocolate experience, head to the Chocolate Room in Portsmouth. You may know la Cascade du Chocolat from their Exeter or Newburyport, Massachusetts, locations, but now you can sample their internationally award-winning chocolate bonbons, bars and confections at their new 214 State St. location. “We’re excited to bring the flavors we’ve developed to Portsmouth,” says Samantha Brown, master chocolatier and co-owner. “This city has a reputation and tradition for culinary excellence and innovation, and we’re excited to bring our take on chocolate confections to this part of New Hampshire’s Seacoast.”

The team at la Cascade du Chocolat believes that chocolate can be delicious while also being complicated and interesting. They get their chocolate from sustainable, responsible producers and use high quality, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. It is Brown and co-owner Thomas Nash’s greatest joy to share their love of chocolate with others, and when the pandemic struck, they had to think of new ways to get their chocolate into customer’s hands.

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Find handmade, locally sourced bonbons, truffles, candy bars and more at the Chocolate Room. Photo by Emily Heidt

The company accelerated their shipping capabilities, created new product offerings, including cake and brownie mixes, and even introduced curbside pick-up and local delivery. They have always wanted to expand, grow and introduce more people to their innovative ideas about chocolate, and while they weren’t planning on opening a new shop during a pandemic, they couldn’t say no. “It wasn’t without stress, but we figured out ways to grow and still have fun,” says Brown. “We worked with a wine bar to develop wine and chocolate pairing kits they could sell, and then reached a live audience via video so that we could share out experience and tasting with whoever wanted to participate. We’re looking forward to forging the same kind of relationships in Portsmouth.”

The Chocolate Room will feature the same high-quality artisan chocolate and confections that you can find at their other locations, as well as new chocolate treats that are special and reflect the flavors of the area. There will be one-of-a-kind bonbons and truffles, a variety of chocolate bars, baking chocolate, cookies, chocolate dipped and drizzled pineapple, small batch bean-to-bar chocolate, new baking items and so much more. The next time you’re in Portsmouth, stop in to this trendy new shop, and indulge in a blueberry and ginger chocolate bar or blueberry jelly donut bonbons that are just as beautiful as they are delicious.

Looking for tips on what to try first? Here are a few of the team’s favorite items:

“My favorite bar is either the Ginger Cubed (three different kinds of ginger in a 66 percent dark chocolate) or Cascade Crunch (puffed quinoa in a 40 percent milk chocolate). The Apple Cider Donut bonbon is also delicious.” – Samantha Brown

“My favorite bar would have to be the Moroccan Spice, a blend of 35 percent white chocolate with dates, almonds and Ras al Hanout from Stock + Spice. My favorite bonbon is definitely the Maple Brown Butter.” -Thomas Nash

“I highly recommend the 77 percent Tanzanian bean-to-bar chocolate bar or the Fig and Chili bonbon.” -Andy Brown, Marketing & Community Manager/Chocolate Maker

For hours and more information, visit their website.

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