New Hampshire Magazine - March 2015

Irish for a Day

In NH politicians annually don green and attend Irish breakfast for St. Patrick's Day, but wouldn't it make more sense to pander to our French Canadian population?

Learn to Deal With Stress

Stress can't always be avoided, but the key to a healthier mind, body and spirit is learning how to control your reactions to stress and to reduce it whenever possible.

New Hampshire's Animal Champions

These champion dogs, cats and horses have reached the pinnacle in their respective competitive fields. From a Supreme Grand Champion Maine Coon Cat to a Welsh Corgi with 13 national titles under her collar, these four-legged celebrities are all winners.

Cattle Farming at Miles Smith Farm in Loudon

It can be unpleasant to think about where beef really comes from, but by taking a look at life - and death - on a local cattle farm you might better understand how these cattle are cared for during their lives and why the farmers chose this profession.