Small-batch Bourbon and Irish Coffee Recipe

Kennedy Spirit Drink and Berkshire Bourbon are small-batch distillers making big waves

The term whiskey is derived from a term meaning “blessed water,” appropriately enough as it first was made by monks. At one time there were 180 distilleries in Ireland, but until recently the number had dwindled down to seven. Now, Irish whiskey is becoming one of the fastest-growing categories of spirits. Kennedy Spirit Drink is a blend of Celtic whiskies and malt handcrafted in West Cord, Ireland. It is infused with oak from Irish whiskey and bourbon casks then steeped through a time-honored technique in barley malt and triple filtered. Irish whiskies are easy drinkers, and this one is great to serve neat or enjoy in a pleasant Irish coffee.

The American version of whiskey is bourbon with a higher proof and no requirements for aging. Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey is handcrafted in Sheffield, Mass., using corn, the predominate grain in all bourbons, purchased from a local farmer. After fermentation and distillation, only the heart of the spirit is aged in virgin American white oak barrels. It is smooth and balanced with flavors of vanilla, caramel and toasted nut.

Irish Coffee

  • 6 ounces freshly brewed, freshly ground coffee
  • 1 1/12 ounces Irish Whiskey
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • Dollop of freshly whipped heavy cream (don’t add sugar to the cream)

The pedigree of this drink is firmly established in the bartender’s lexicon. Irish bartender Joe Sheridan created this drink for weary Yankee travelers arriving by seaplane on the River Shannon during WW II. The Irish have always put whiskey in their tea, but in an ode to the Americans, Sheridan used coffee for this bracing and warming drink.
Use a stemmed or nicely shaped glass mug that has been warmed with hot water.

Stir the brown sugar into the hot coffee. When the sugar is dissolved, add the whiskey. Dollop the lightly whipped cream onto the top and serve. (Whip in a cold bowl.) Conversely, the cream can be just aerated and poured over the bowl of a dessert spoon resting just above the coffee level to float it on top. Swirl the coffee/whiskey mixture with a spoon before attempting the float. Enjoy the mix of hot and cold, both bracing and smooth.

Kennedy’s Original Irish Whiskey, 750 ml, $21.99
Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey, 750 ml, $39.99

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