Flower Power: Visiting NH’s “Cut-Your-Own” Gardens

New Hampshire "cut-your-own" flower gardens provide a vibrant mix of lively blooms to keep your summer style fresh, fragrant and relaxed
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Multiple sunflowers unite with a mixture of cut greens in a show-stopping arrangement. The bonus of a “cut your own” flower farm is an ability to get a wide selection of botanicals. In this case, sunflowers in many varieties and colors.

Stem Cells

Question: What’s better than a pre-made bouquet of grocery store buds? 

Answer: The absolute freedom to select and pick your own fresh flowers outside in the open air.  

Nothing could be more inspiring than your own flower garden with row after row of beautiful blossoms. But if you don’t have the time or space (or the green thumb), visit a local fresh-cut flower farm where you can pick and personalize your own beautiful bouquet.

Push the Petal to the Metal

Take a drive and visit New Hampshire cut-flower farms all over the state. Why not pack a picnic and spend a little time alfresco selecting your favorite herbs and flowers? Bring along a couple buckets and some flower snips to cut your bouquets. 

Twine is useful for hand-tying a mix of stems, and you’ll likely want a hat and sunscreen for protection while traipsing through the petal patch. For both you and the blooms, remember to hydrate.

Mix Color and Foliage

A cut-flower garden at the height of bloom offers so many shapely flowers in a decadent array of colors, but don’t overlook the lovely and leafy foliage you can use as a foil to your blossoms. Fragrant mint, basil and lavender make wonderful accents, while bay leaves, heather and lambs ear add shapely color and style. For foolproof arranging, focus on a monochromatic arrangement of just one flower. Sometimes one blossom in a vessel is all you need to create a showy, unfettered display.

Long-Lasting Blooms

Go for flowers that will last for days on end.  

  • Larkspur
  • Hydrangeas
  • Zinnias
  • Daisies
  • Peonies
  • Carnations 

These are just a few of the many blooms to consider. Single blossoms like roses, poppies, sunflowers and coneflowers are all excellent choices. 

Contain Yourself

Flower vases and vessels can be inspiring and add style to the final arrangement. Let the color, texture or pattern of the vase lead the way to create a showpiece worthy of the bounty of the season. For long-lasting fresh arrangements, change the water in the vase every other day.

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Rows and rows of blooming varieties mixed with textural foliage and fragrant herbs fill a sunny field at Rosaly’s Garden and Farmstand in Peterborough.

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Vases in different colors and shapes can be inspiring to the arrangement. Bowls, urns, pitchers and bottles all make easy and relaxed containers.

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Mix multiple shapes and lengths like tall and lanky delphinium with voluminous hydrangeas. Focus on one color in many shades like this study in blues.

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Unusual containers make interesting arrangements. This old wooden candy stand is fitted with peach colored zinnias and clippings of artemisia to make a table centerpiece.

Where to cut your own flowers

Littleton Farmers Market
77 Riverglen Ln., Littleton

Littleton Food Co-Op
43 Bethlehem Rd., Littleton
(603) 444-2800

Mountain Roots Farm
4123 Main St., Bethlehem
(603) 686-0296

Rosaly’s Garden and Farmstand
63 Elm Hill Rd., Peterborough
(603) 924-7774

Tarrnation Flower Farm
96 Streeter Pond Rd., Sugar Hill
(603) 348-2223

Riverview Farm
141 River Rd., Plainfield
(603) 298-8519

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