Win a NH-Themed Cigar Box Guitar

Video: A fun, easy-to-play guitar — and it can be yours


Got a musician (or someone who aspires to be) on your shopping list this season? We’ve got you. We’re giving away a New Hampshire-themed cigar box guitar, hand-made by C.B. Gitty Crafter Supply, in Rochester.

Head over to our Art for Art’s Sake giveaway page and sign up.

Cigar box guitars are uncomplicated, inexpensive and easy to make and play. Here’s a brief look at what these guitars can do:

(Amplifier not included.)

They look simple enough, but in the right hands, they become a gritty, slippery instrument, capable of alternately growling, singing and weeping. Depending on a number of elements, it can be a banjo, a dobro or a full, rich-sounding acoustic guitar. Learn more about these great, fun, easy-to-play instruments in a feature that ran in the September issue of New Hampshire Magazine

Typically, they are three-string instruments, tuned G-D-G. Many players use a slide, making it a natural for the blues, while others strum easily made chords, making it a useful accompaniment instrument.

C.B. Gitty offers completed guitars, but its core business is selling kits that allow people to create their own instrument, from concept to completion. The company has grown to include 10 employees working in a 13,000-square-foot space in the Gonic mill.

Enter to win and support a worthy organization

Art For Arts SakeArt for Art’s Sake is New Hampshire Magazine‘s effort to ease the ongoing struggle art and artists are fighting through during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enter to win the guitar for free, or make a nominal donation to help the Rochester Opera House.

The Opera House is a beautiful, century-old theater that is the hub of a vibrant seacoast arts scene and has a unique movable floor that allows the space to adapt to both performance and meeting spaces. A donation to the Opera House of any denomination would be greatly appreciated during this tumultuous time.

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