The Wild Life of Kevin McCurley

Looking for a large, exotic lizard as an anniversary gift? Perhaps a designer python for that special person? Meet Kevin McCurley, breeder and trader of extraordinary creatures. Most have scales. Some have eight hairy legs. McCurley also consults with government agencies, is a prolific author and was a close associate to the late Steve Irwin and his family. Visit his huge Plaistow facility where he raises things that dreams (or nightmares) are made of. Or, for less exotic fun, bring the kids to the free petting zoo. They have an alligator named Wally, and some very ordinary chickens running around.

  • I started catching snakes as a kid and finally went all-in at 12 with a pet boa constrictor. My mom and dad were divorced, so my dad was willing to buy it for me, but my mother had to say yes. She made me do a report on it and convince her I was serious — and, boy, did I do that!
  • NERD (New England Reptile Distributors Inc.) is divided into 14 rooms and a long hallway, where we manage micro environments and keep and breed a variety of reptiles as well as conduct many educational activities.
  • Our retail store, Zoo Creatures, is open to the public and originally was a full-line pet store, but pet stores are largely dying due to the inability to sell dry goods at a brick-and-mortar store.
  • We handle snakes, lizards, frogs and other amphibians, turtles, tortoises, crocodilians, spiders, scorpions, and a variety of creepy crawlies.
  • We sell all sorts of animal food, like feeder insects and live or frozen rodents, for people’s exotic pets.
  • Our live chickens are kept as pets for people to enjoy.
  • The animals we use are ambassadors of the world’s wildlife and tools to capture the public’s interest. It is important to clarify the many misconceptions and the plight that most wildlife faces in today’s world.
  • My goal is to show their importance and to create empathy for these animals without a voice. The more people we can win over, the more people may care about the environment and help preserve what remains.
  • I also work with local agencies regarding Crotalus Horridus — New Hampshire’s native timber rattlesnakes — and their conservation. They are critically endangered.
  • A timber rattlesnake has no interest in biting anyone and just wants to live in peace. They are gentle and terrified of humans.
  • I’m an avid metalhead and guitarist. I have a band, Crotalus, where I am the singer and guitarist.
  • I write lots of music as a way to vent.

McCurley’s New England Reptile Distributors and their retail shop, Zoo Creatures, sell (and sometimes buy or adopt) fantastic animals. He’s a self-taught expert who shares what he’s learned through his businesses and through books on exotics, most notably ball pythons, addressed to breeders and owners. Look him up on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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