The Faces of Firearm Safety & Education

TerryAnn & Jake Bowen of Manchester Firing Line

When you see TerryAnn on the range with her hot pink Glock 19, you would never know that just a short while ago she’d never fired a handgun. She and Jake combined their business expertise along with TerryAnn’s insights as a novice to craft programs ideal for true beginners. TerryAnn and Jake handpicked the personal instructors who work at Manchester Firing Line. They not only want to offer you the best service, they tried it themselves to be certain it’s the best. Although Manchester Firing Line is a fun, family friendly place to visit, the true vision is to educate and raise awareness of firearms and the responsibility that comes with owning them. Come gain experience, and leave with an enlightened opinion about firearms. Manchester Firing Line is much more than just a place to shoot.

More information:

Manchester Firing Line
2540 Brown Avenue
Manchester, NH 03103

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