The Face of Population Health

Sally A. Kraft, MD, MPH, Vice President of Population Health at Dartmouth Health

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Dr. Sally Kraft leads a team of individuals from across the organization, all with different specialties and all are dedicated to improving the health of our communities both inside and out. “We are woven in to the fabric of our communities and when we engage through community partnerships, we can begin to tackle the other issues that affect health, like access to safe homes, nutritious food, and transportation,” says Dr. Kraft.

Dartmouth Health is committed to improving total health, which means providing healthcare to our patients and investing in our communities to make our population healthier. Sally is currently working with community leaders, researchers, clinicians and educators to launch the Center to Advance Rural Health Equity. As she explains, “We must work in partnership with those in the community, learning together how we can keep people safe, healthy and make sure that everyone can get the care they deserve. I am thrilled to collaborate with community partners to advance the work that we are all doing for vulnerable populations.”

Sally’s team supports Dartmouth Health’s role as an anchor institution to employ the most responsible business practices in its sustainability efforts, purchasing, hiring and investment policies. “Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of people in their communities and to support health and prosperity, locally,” says Dr. Kraft.

Together with the wisdom of our community partners we can successfully tackle health challenges of our times so everyone in our community has the opportunity to live their healthiest life.

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