Savory and Sweet

PALETTE serves up decadent graze boards that are perfect for a night in with friends or a special Mother's Day treat

Each graze box is as unique as your superpower and comes in a variety of convenient sizes. Photo by Jenn Bakos

When you open a PALETTE graze box, you are met with beautiful, fresh and mindfully sourced fruits and veggies arranged in a work of art that tastes as good as it looks. Not only is each box, table or board thoughtfully assembled for a delightful combination of savory and sweet flavors, but each is created to be more than just something to eat — they’re meant to bring people together, a mission co-owners Stef Heitz and Jennifer Desrosiers (also owner of LANEY & LU), have been passionate about since they started their business in December 2019.

Inspired by their discovery of grazing boards and platters on Instagram, Heitz and Desrosiers founded PALETTE to celebrate delicious and nutritious food and the comfort and connection it provides. Food is as much an experience as it is a way to nourish yourself and your loved ones. “We first started making boards through LANEY & LU,” says Heitz. “It was a great way to see how people were responding to them and how the desire for them grew. It wasn’t long before we noticed how the demand for them was growing and eventually we thought, ‘It’s time to make this a business.’”

The duo started by focusing on just boards and then grazing tables, but they soon realized that their creations would make great gifts, and so the graze box was born. The boxes are convenient, portable and come in a variety of sizes, and they’re built with dimensional, textural layers that make them a joy to discover. The Classic Graze Box includes a selection of vibrant fruits and vegetables with tasty hummus, and it comes in a recyclable box. Their two newest boxes, the Indulge and Bloom versions, are flavorful treats to behold.

“The Indulge Box has a selection of assorted berries, grapes, local cheese, artisanal crackers, almond butter stuffed dates, locally sourced chocolate, and dipping marmalade that is perfect for when you want to indulge, have a glass of wine and treat yourself,” says Heitz.

The Bloom Box includes cashew cream cheese, local beet whipped goat cheese, orange, grapefruit, grapes, crackers, local grass-fed cheddar cheese, carrot, cucumber, radish, snap pea, strawberry and pistachio.

You can pick up your own box at LANEY & LU in Exeter, or they offer delivery within a 60-mile delivery radius. From the moment you order to the moment you receive your box, Heitz and Desrosiers are committed to making sure that you have an elevated experience that embodies their core values of beauty, strength, courage and grace. No one exhibits these values quite like our moms, which is why Heitz and Desrosiers have partnered with a team of local business women to create something special for Mother’s Day.


PALETTE co-owners Jennifer Desrosiers and Stef Heitz create beautiful, fresh graze boxes, boards and tables from mindfully sourced ingredients. They believe that food should be as much as an experience as it is a way to nourish yourselves and your loved ones. Photo by Jenn Bakos

Now more than ever, moms deserve a thoughtful gift to show them just how much they are appreciated. “We teamed up with Forest + Ash, Wild Valentine, Enna Chocolate and LANEY & LU to create a wonderful Mother’s Day package,” says Heitz. “It’s a one-stop-shop on our website where you can order a graze box of your choosing, and then complement it with a flower bouquet, Enna chocolate bar, coffee or a variety of other available gifts to create the ultimate Mother’s Day bundle of presents,” she says. “We will gather everything together for you and have it ready to pick up in Exeter, or we can safely deliver it right to her doorstep within our delivery radius. It’s a great way to support local female-run businesses making it easy and accessible, while maintaining our attention to detail and overall aesthetic.”

Heitz and Desrosiers are planning to continue curating their online shop, which could feature anything from empowering statement jewelry to custom cards.  Whether it’s one of their current boxes or a future design, a gift box for your mom, or you want to impress your guests with a grazing board at a special event, Heitz and Desrosiers want people to feel celebrated and cared for during every part of their eating experience. Try PALETTE for yourself, and graze your heart out.

For more information about Mother’s Day order deadlines and how to order, visit their website.

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