Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Editor’s note: Our friend and colleague Bill Burke, who passed away in October, wrote this several months ago. It’s the last piece of his we’ll publish in New Hampshire Magazine, and we’re grateful for one more chance to chuckle at his singular sense of humor.

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Editor's Note

Give Peace a Chance

The holiday decorations brightening my street last month included a few illuminated peace signs — though most of our neighbors are way too young to remember the peace symbol as the potent ’60s icon it once was.


Former Parenting NH editor Melanie Hitchcock reflects on friend and colleague Bill Burke, who passed away suddenly in October.

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BB Phone Home

New Hampshire residents, particularly in the southern part of the state, have had a good number of renowned encounters with extraterrestrials and their futuristic transports — Betty and Barney Hill and the Exeter Incident among the more notable. When’s it…

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