Every year, the national polling firm Woodward-White performs an exhaustive search for the country’s best attorneys and publishes their names in “The Best Lawyers in America.”

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Attitudes of Gratitude

Kurt Vonnegut once opined, “I can think of no more stirring symbol of man’s humanity to man than a fire engine.” Asked for the earliest sign of civilization, Margaret Mead pointed to an ancient human femur, broken and healed.

Happy Month of Horror

Imagine enjoying life in New Hampshire, along with countless others like you, when suddenly you, your friends and everyone around you grows pale, turns yellow, then bursts into garish colors, dessicates and drops onto the ground.

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Sized Up

A New Hampshirite who was asked to describe the city of Boston did so in one word: “Unnecessary.”

Summertime and the Cookin’ Is Easy

Little Sister wasn’t much of cook, but Big Sister said, “If you host the party at your house, I’ll bring the food with instructions. It’ll be easy.” The plan was to serve ham with premade salads, chips, watermelon and ice cream.

Small Miracles

I’m not handy. Luckily, my husband is. When he put new guts in an old lamp (a large ceramic owl) for our daughter, she was amazed. That lamp, from a local antique shop, sat for months in the dark.

Fishing for Stories

A boy and his father went fishing early one sunny morning. From shore, they cast their lines and let them drift in the water. After a while the boy lay back among the grasses, felt the sun on his face, and fell asleep.

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