Meet Certified Hypnotherapist Brandie Wells

Hypnosis. If you want to watch someone scratch like a hen, this is not the right coop. You’ll need to go to a far off-Strip casino for that. Closer to home meet Brandie Wells, a certified hypnotherapist. If you are serious about knocking down a bad habit, reducing pain, losing some poundage, or simply living a positive life, this is your person. Couple that with clairvoyance and you might even time travel to one of your past lives. She will guide you through those mysterious portals of your own subconscious. All with compassion and in groups or one-on-one: in person or on Zoom.

Yep, the old eyelids are becoming heavy now. You’re getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

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  • Hypnosis is a deep relaxation of the subconscious mind. Once relaxed, one can speak directly to the subconscious and essentially reprogram it.
  • It takes trust in the practitioner and a calming environment to be truly effective.
  • In the hypnotic state, you are highly suggestible. When the hypnotist tells you do something, you’ll most likely embrace the idea completely. Although not my style, this is what makes stage hypnotist shows so entertaining.
  • I have achieved a lot of awareness in my self-hypnosis, especially in journey work through past lives.
  • In one of my past lives, I was born in the ’30s and was in my 20s in the 1950s and I can still identify with this life. In fact, I have embodied a lot of my being in this lifetime related to that past life.
  • A hypnotist can’t get you to do anything you don’t want to do. Even then, you are entering at your own free will.
  • Hypnotism can be dangerous if not performed in a safe environment with a trusted practitioner.
  • My sessions always include scripts of empowerment, self-esteem and positive mindset. What makes my work unique is I integrate my telepathic mind with my hypnosis. Therefore, I often see what my client is seeing.
  • I typically work with adults, but occasionally I help children as well. Anyone at any age can be hypnotized.
  • I do not use the word trance because it comes with a negative and fear-driven connotation. I send the message that hypnosis is a free-will experience with a willing participant who wants to bring positive changes to their life.
  • On Zoom a session is about 40 minutes when tailored to the client. Sessions are recorded for personal use.
  • Affirmations are self-hypnosis. Anytime we are “convincing ourselves” or “creating a new mindset,” we are retraining our subconscious mind. That is self-hypnosis!
  • I have been self-hypnotizing for many years. Thoughts are things and what you think becomes your reality.
  • I would love to hypnotize my 16-year-old to clean his room, but he wont let me!

Franz Anton Mesmer (above) says, “Don’t stare at me. I dare you.”

While people have been experiencing hypnotic-type trances for thousands of years, modern hypnosis found its origin in the work of Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), who believed that the phenomenon employed something called animal magnetism, or fluidum — an invisible substance that flows between the subject and the therapist. The movement his theory inspired was named after him: Mesmerism. Mesmer was gifted and well known in the upper echelons of Viennese society, becoming friends with Mozart and Haydn. Although he had many adherents and patients in Vienna and Paris, he was eventually denounced as a fraud and, by the time of his death, his practices and theories were largely dismissed. Within a matter of years after Mesmer’s death, the practice revived to play a role in medicine, though largely without the metaphysical constructs of Mesmer. It continues to fascinate both scientists and laypersons and anyone who happens upon a watch on a chain.

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Thanks to Cynthia H. Sapier for her photo assistance and Julianne Gadoury, director of Concord’s Kimball Jenkins Estate, for allowing access to their amazing location.

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