Local Online Art Gallery Supports Conservation Efforts

Fischer Arts offers art inspired by nature’s beauty

The nature-inspired works at Fischer Arts include handmade jewelry, like this ring by Alchemystic Jewelry with antique silver, an agate and part of a 1920’s standing liberty quarter.

Fischer Arts is the intersection of some of Iris Fischer-McMorrow’s many passions — animals, nature, science and art.

As a small animal veterinarian, she constantly felt called back to her artistic roots. Most of her family is made up of artists, and she wanted to share in that passion.

Fischer-McMorrow has held a variety of careers — including working as a professor, veterinarian, scientist and freelance writer. When her beloved family art gallery in Boston closed during the pandemic, she knew she wanted to create something inspired by it, but from her home.

The business focuses on art influenced by the beauty of the natural world. Her mother Barbara, an artist, guides Fischer-McMorrow through the process through support, enthusiasm and lending expertise. “The bones of [the gallery] come from that family business,” she says.

Helping conservation efforts is a large part of the gallery’s mission as well. A portion of all art sales support organizations working to preserve fragile ecosystems and protect wildlife, such as The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, The Nature Conservancy and New Hampshire Audubon.

Currently, they have a campaign to help three wildlife rehabilitation organizations, including Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland, National Marine Life Center and New England Wildlife Hospital. Read more about Fischer Arts’ current philanthropy here.

Offering hand-crafted jewelry, nature engravings and contemporary photography, Fischer Arts has a wide range of options for customers.

Fischer-McMorrow first met artist Nicole Lindland at an art show, and they hit it off. Lindland designs and creates all of the handcrafted jewelry sold at the shop.

Lindland’s jewelry features antique silver and natural elements inspired by the lakes region of New Hampshire, where she lives. The curated antique and vintage nature engravings include animals, birds, marine life, botanicals, maps and nautical charts. Fischer-McMorrow’s own contemporary photography is featured as well, a passion she’s worked on for over a decade.

While this has been an exclusively online venture thus far, Fischer-McMorrow hopes to one day open up a brick-and-mortar gallery. However, her next step is participating in the 10th Annual Arts on the Green in Sunapee Harbor, an outdoor arts show and exhibition in July put on by the Center for the Arts.

So, how does Fischer-McMorrow balance each of these careers?

“One step at a time,” she says. “It really takes a small village here at Fischer Arts to do it together. … Balance is never easy but I think when you love something, it’s very easy to put the time aside to do it as much as you can on a daily basis,” she says. Her support system includes her mother, Lindland, and her husband, Gavin.

Looking to the future, one of Fischer-McMorrow’s goals is to bring in more artists to the gallery. “The goal is, over time, to add more artists that really fit with our mission and the aesthetic of the gallery,” she says.

For more information on Fischer Arts’ mission, initiatives, nature and more, visit their blog.

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