New Hampshire Magazine - September 2012

Wine & Poses

I'm not what you'd call an oenophile. I usually shop for wine by looking on the ten dollar shelf and seeking out those "$2 off" collar tags. But, like most people, I've had a few memorable encounters with a bottle of wine.

Letters to the Editor

Need a good reason to spot the Newt? This month's lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive a three-month membership to the Fudge Club at the Mill Fudge Factory, which operates in a 1767 grist mill at 2 Central St.…

A Fair Talker: Junior Gardner

Say "Deerfield Fair" and a lot of people think "Junior Gardner." His is the voice - with its distinctive Yankee accent - that you hear on the radio advertising for the now-140-year-old fair.