New Hampshire Magazine - October 2017

The Local Moose Café

If you are into eating large in the afternoon, then consider one of Manchester’s nicest cafés. The Local Moose Café takes pride in their organic fare, some of which is even grown in their own greenhouse. Don’t miss the locally…

Erin Gardner's Any Butter Cake

New Hampshire brides discovered the talent of Erin Gardner seven years ago when her Wild Orchid Bakery opened in Dover. She went on to win national accolades and earn an episode of Food Network’s “Sweet Genius.” Now, two babies later,…

New Hampshire Craft Beer: Big Ideas in Small Batches

In pre-Prohibition days, nearly every town had its very own brewery. Though we’re not quite back to that level, there are more than 70 breweries currently operating in the state. All offer a sense of place and community you can’t find on grocery store shelves. Meet some of the state’s small local brewers devoted to making real New Hampshire beer.