Griddle Magic

Mel’s Munchies in Hooksett offers off-the-beaten-path delights


It all began as a modern (late, latter-day) fairy tale. The story starts in a restaurant called Woodsby, an unremarkable joint somewhere down in Kissimmee, Florida. It involves a waitress and a flirtatious, big-tipping visitor ordering daily breakfasts when he was in town. Then, there was that unexpected and scorching kiss in the parking lot that melted the blacktop and set fire to the palms. As things went, a suitcase was stuffed, a final wave to the Sunshine State was bid, and then it was off to a new and unfamiliar life in New Hampshire. This fable contains no frogs or velvet slippers, no prince or princesses. It does, however, contain a royal carriage of sorts in the form of a humble, somewhat-yellowish food truck dug permanently into a gravel pit.

Dan Plourde owns the property, a surreal Martian landscape located in Hooksett. Malinda Krissak owns the six-year-old modified tool truck and, with the likely help of NASA and luck, Mel’s Munchies touched down in the middle of the dunes. Formally a sous-chef in Las Vegas, Krissak offers up some of the most unforgettable, basic meals for very reasonable prices. Half-pound burgers, breakfast sandwiches and lobster rolls all tempt the taste buds. There are also perfectly cooked and secretly seasoned fries and onion rings with portions that keep the 18-wheel skippers coming back. It is a very full gamut of simple foods prepared unusually well. Her regulars won’t allow any changes to the fare and have humorously threatened her with arson if there are any substitutions. And although Mel’s offers a substantial menu, she stays nimble and encourages off-the-board requests to keep life interesting. If you don’t see it, just ask.

So eat there at one of three eroding picnic tables or just grab it to go. You can also call ahead if you are traveling at warp speed and just flying though. Predictably, no reservations are required and casual attire is the expected. Credit cards are happily processed. Rated 10 out of 5 golden fries.


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