Cubicle Concerts: Holiday Edition

Welcome to Christmas in the Cubicle!

Over the past few months, the offices of New Hampshire Magazine have been visited by artists such as Green Heron, Senie Hunt, Amanda McCarthy, The Grim Brothers, and Morgan Clark, among others. Since we were so well-behaved, they were kind enough to gift us with a few holiday tunes. As fans of music created by Granite State musicians, we’re excited to share those festive performances with you.

And, of course, we didn’t impose on our guests to record Christmas songs starting on a hot and humid afternoon August. (As far as you know.)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and happy holidays!

If you’re interested in learning more about playing a gig in our festive cubicle, then you are encouraged to reach out to Bill Burke, project creator, manager and producer. Bill can be reached at or by phone at (603) 413-5112.

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