Cubicle Concerts: Bitter Pill

The phrase ‘family band,’ may evoke images of the Partridge Family, the Jackson 5 or the Jonas Brothers. Bitter Pill will prompt you to reconsider that characterization. This tight-knit family group (literally father and daughter Billy and Emily Butler,) and their talented band mates play a dark and anachronistic twist of folk, blues, jazz and vaudeville that is provocative, evocative and unforgettable. Call it ‘bloody folk.’ Mixing original and traditional music, Bitter Pill stopped by our offices recently to put their indelible stamp on the Cube. It may never be the same.

Read more about Billy Butler, and Bitter Pill, in the October 2019 issue of New Hampshire Magazine.

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If you’re interested in learning more about playing a gig in our festive cubicle, then you are encouraged to reach out to Bill Burke, project creator, manager and producer. Bill can be reached at or by phone at (603) 413-5112.

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