Best of NH Winners

Best of NH 2011 Outdoor Adventure

From martini luges at ice bars and fireworks displays to charming parks and thrilling zip line tours, these Best of NH winners will get you outside and having fun in no time.

Best of NH 2009

What if someone explored the whole state and returned with an array of the finest flavors, most fantastic fun and awesomest adventures, then laid them all out before you, just to make you happy? That would be so cool. You’d be eternally grateful, right? Well, don’t mention it. Because just seeing the smile on your face is reward enough. Enjoy!

Best of NH 2008

Dig in! Drink up! Hit the road! Rock on! Shop until you drop! And, while you are at it, don't settle for second best. Here are the results of our Best of NH 2008 Readers' Poll, plus Editor's Picks in five categories - Food & Drink, Fun & Adventure, Arts & Culture, Shops & Services and This & That.

Best of NH 2006

Is it way cool? Is it trés hot? Is it fresh? Maybe it’s all of the above, like the fabulous hot chicken wings pictured below. If it’s the very best, we’ll find it and we’ll share it with you. Here’s our report on the state of excellence for 2006.