Beyond the Brush: The Galleries at 30 Main

This Lakes Region gallery invites patrons to experience the magic of the creative arts

A sampling of Vinnie Hale’s art on display at The Galleries at 30 Main.

Winter is here, which means that snow and long days cooped up inside with nothing to do are, too. To help stave off the grumpiness of this season, chilly temperatures, and cabin fever, we’re starting “Beyond the Brush,” a series of profiles introducing you to the many unique art galleries around New Hampshire.

For our latest profile, check out The Galleries at 30 Main in Meredith. We spoke to co-owner John Ferreira to learn more about the one-of-a-kind gallery that attracts art enthusiasts from all around New Hampshire, Boston and the Northeast. Read on to learn all about how they create a stress-free environment and how you can safely experience the art that the Lakes Region has to offer yourself.

Tell us about the history of your gallery.
John Ferreira:Vynnie Hale, Paul Moreau and I started as friends and fellow artists, and we joined forces to expand on the gallery idea that Vynnie started ten years ago to house three separate galleries within a common space. The conversation started with challenges about balancing time to paint with the time required to run Vynnie’s business, and we through discussion we soon realized that we had similar goals and complementary skills that we could combine to take the small existing gallery to its next chapter. Our goal was to remain true to the original mission of showing the works of other outstanding artists while honoring our own work, and the result is The Galleries at 30 Main that you can visit today — a destination for artists, art lovers and visitors looking for art showcased in the Lakes Region.”

What makes your gallery special or different?
John: “The Galleries at 30 Main offer the best fine art by several Lakes Region artists. Oil, watercolor, photography, and fine art drawings are among the many mediums offered.  The Galleries also feature an open studio where artists create together and where customers have the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists.”

What’s the story behind the name of your gallery?
John: “The three galleries are under one roof and separated by three large rooms. Each gallery showcases its own unique perspective on art. The Galleries are located at 30 Main Street in the scenic town of Meredith.”

What are you best known for?
John: “We strive to feature unique and affordable art by local area artists. The Galleries attract art enthusiasts from all over the United States.”


A sampling of John Moreau’s art on display at The Galleries at 30 Main.

Tell us about your artists. What styles of art do you feature? Any particular disciplines?
John: “The gallery houses over 40 local artists representing all media from oil and watercolor to fine art sketches and photography.”

Do you have any exciting exhibits planned for 2022? Any other events?
John: “The Galleries at 30 Main hosts multiple rotating art exhibits throughout the year. Check out our website for current and upcoming exhibits and events.”

What keeps you passionate about the arts?
John: “Vynnie, Paul and I are all art lovers and feel the world can be enhanced and more fully enjoyed through great art.”

How can people best support you right now?
John: “Come visit us and peruse the beautiful range of art that we have for you to enjoy.”

Artist Biographies:

Paul Moreau is an accomplished portrait, mural and landscape painter who grew up in Laconia and felt an immediate affinity for the atmosphere of the space and the people he met there. Moreau specializes in commissions, with many examples of his work for sale or review, and many garnering national attention. With equal talent as a fine woodworker, the artist also makes his own frames that beautifully set off his artwork.

Photographer John Ferreira has been a long-time exhibitor at the former VynnArt Gallery and has been a recipient of several awards for his unique landscape work. His special take on landscapes offers a glimpse into a world we’re all around but rarely stop to see.

Vynnie Hale continues to create his architectural oil paintings and alcohol inks.

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