Beyond the Brush: Art 3 Gallery

This Manchester gallery has one of the largest art collections in the state by New Hampshire, New England, national and international artists

Artful Escapes 9Winter is here, which means that snow and long days cooped up inside with nothing to do are, too. To help stave off the grumpiness of this season, chilly temperatures, and cabin fever, we’re starting “Beyond the Brush,” a series of profiles introducing you to the many unique art galleries around New Hampshire.

For our latest profile, check out Art 3 Gallery in Manchester. We spoke to owner Joni Taube to learn more about the premier New England retail fine art gallery. Read on to learn all about their artwork that ranges from representational to abstract, and includes a wide range of mediums and available artwork like original oils, watercolors, pastels and collage.

Tell us about the history of your gallery.
Joni: “Art 3 Inc. is a premier New England retail fine art gallery offering corporate and residential art consulting services and custom framing. The gallery was founded in 1980 by myself and two other women, and we were all interested in art while needing the flexibility to be able to simultaneously run a business and bring up a family. I am now the proud sole owner over 40 years later. The gallery was initially based in a residential basement and then a two-family house, and in 1987 it was permanently relocated to a restored 2,000 square foot townhouse in the historic Millyard district of Manchester. Art 3 now includes one of the largest collections of art in northern New England by New Hampshire, regional and national artists.”

What makes your gallery special or different?
Joni: “The primary focus of Art 3 is our art consultation services for residential and corporate clients. Since our business inception, we have been providing full consultation services either at the gallery or on-site. Due to our close working relationship with our artists, we are able to commission work if a client needs a piece to fit a space or work with specific décor.

Art 3 Gallery presents themed exhibitions two to three times a year. Since we represent more than 100 artists who work in all types of mediums, sizes and styles, group shows enable us to include as much work as possible. Usually two to three works by each artist are displayed in each show, but the gallery is overflowing with art so that more of their work is always available to see.

The gallery is not a street-front store and most of our clients find us through the internet, good luck, happenstance, or word-of-mouth. They are always surprised by the quality and quantity of the work on display and the large collection in racks, drawers, closets and floor space.

Many of our clients have pieces that just need to be refreshed with new frames. Art 3 has hundreds of frame samples from which to choose and works with several wholesale framers in the area.”

What’s the story behind the name of the gallery?
Joni: “From the beginning, the three of us founders knew that we wanted to focus on retail fine art, art consulting (both corporate and residential), and framing. Thus, Art 3 Inc. was born.”

What are you best known for?
Joni: “We are best known for our art consulting services, both corporate and residential. Corporate clients include healthcare facilities, financial institutions, hospitality venues, national department stores and a myriad of others. We work directly with the client or through their architect or interior designer to help select art that reflects their taste, complements their space and fits their budget. From on-site analysis of the space, selection of unique artwork from our extensive collection and assistance with framing, we do it all. If needed, work can be commissioned and restoration services can be scheduled. Finally, we also do transportation to the job site or home, and complete installation to ensure proper placement.”

Artful Escapes 10Tell us about your artists. What styles of art do you feature? Any particular disciplines?
Joni: “The gallery carries the work of more than 100 artists. Many of them are from the New England area, but we have artists from across the United States as well as several from Europe and Asia. Artwork mediums range from oil or acrylic on canvas or paper, watercolor, pastel, mixed-media, sculptural pieces in metal, glass, wood, ceramic and fiber. Art styles run the gamut from representational to abstract and traditional to contemporary. Many artists work in more than one style and medium. All of this gives the client the ability to find exactly what they are looking for.”

Do you have any exciting exhibits planned for 2022? Any other events?
Joni: “We have a new exhibit planned for early spring, although we don’t yet know the title. As with our previous shows, we will have a virtual gallery on our website as well as be open during regular gallery hours.”

What keeps you passionate about the arts?
Joni: “I have loved the arts since I was a child, and I have even experimented myself over the years with several art mediums. It is exhilarating visiting artists’ studios and seeing how committed they are to their profession and their creations. I believe that the younger generations are not getting to experience the arts as we did growing up, and I do not want the interest in the visual arts to disappear. It is my goal to educate as many people as possible about the arts when they visit the gallery or through art consultation of their space.

During the consultation process, there is also quite a bit of collaboration between the artist, the client and myself. Sometimes it is helping the client find the perfect art piece and other times it is actually designing art with the client and artist.”

How can people best support you right now?
Joni: “Art 3 Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. We welcome visitors during those hours or by appointment. A lot of work goes into planning and hanging an exhibit and we want people to come to the gallery to enjoy what we get to see every day. Anyone can follow us on social media @art3gallery on Instagram and Facebook.”

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