Best of NH 2023 Food Odds and Ends

Here's a look at NH's hottest new restaurant, where to find gluten-free and vegetarian options as well as the best spot for gourmet-to-go

Editor’s Pick

Vegan Food Truck

The Sleazy Vegan Food Truck2Not a lot of competition is such a niche, but that doesn’t keep The Sleazy Vegan food truck from striving for gourmet excellence. To counter the “lunch coach” ambiance of the food truck world, Sleazy Vegan strives for hyper-local produce and partners with local purveyors for delicacies like their popular lettuce cups (including a spicy Thai peanut spin) or their many soups (try the roasted tomato soup with a “Grilled Sleaze,” aka vegan grilled cheese). Want something hearty? Our publisher says he had a “spicy vegan sausage that makes this committed carnivore sublimely satisfied.”

Readers’ Poll Winners

Fine Dining Restaurant

Hanover Street Chophouse


Gluten-free Options

Troy’s Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar
Londonderry and Derry

Gluten-free Options Multilocation Regional
110 Grill


Gourmet To Go

Angela’s Pasta & Cheese Shop


Locally Sourced Menu

Pickity Place


New Restaurant

The Nest Family Café


Outdoor Dining 

(Tie) Bar Salida

(Tie) Town Docks


Specialty Food Store

Angela’s Pasta & Cheese Shop



Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro & Bar

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