Beauty and Seclusion at the Home of Artist Maxfield Parrish 

A breathtaking property with endless possibilities

(Susanna Hargreaves photo)

Sometimes a journey through outdoor art in New Hampshire can lead to surprising revelations. Case in point: The home of the renowned artist Maxfield Parrish, located just down the road from the Augustus Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Plainfield, is for sale.

Apparently, Parrish was good friends with the world-renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who also founded The Cornish Artist Colony. Parrish and many other artists were drawn to the area for its beauty and seclusion.

Have a look at one of Maxfield Parrish’s most renowned pieces, “Daybreak,” which features the ethereal light and dreamlike world Parrish created in many of his magical paintings and illustrations.


(Note: When the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester reopens, you will be able to experience some of his work in person.)

According to town history, Maxfield Parrish and his family made “The Oaks” their home from 1898 until his death in 1966 at the age of 95. The home, guest house, studio, and 45 acres of land were named for the giant old oak trees protecting the property.

Surrounded by a lush forest with a breathtaking view of Mount Ascutney, it is easy to see where Parrish found the inspiration and light for so much of his work.

(Susanna Hargreaves photo)

I can’t help but wonder how wonderful it would be to restore the home, and make it into an art museum and travel destination for art enthusiasts to enjoy. During difficult times, art can be a comfort and an escape from reality. It can teach us about humanity and show us a different perspective. Art can also give us hope and inspire us.

New Hampshire is so fortunate to have counted such an artist as Maxfield Parrish among its residents. Creating a museum will definitely take vision, fundraising, and a great deal of hard work to keep his legacy alive.

Who is with me?

For more information about the estate and to make an appointment, visit

To see some of Maxfield Parrish’s work, visit the Currier Museum of Art.

Discovering art can be a free, fun, family experience. See how great art can inspire you and your children. For the price of a tank of gas, art lovers don’t have to drive far to experience something meaningful.

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