"American Idol" Speculation

Rumor has it, Claremont’s Evelyn Cormier is really going places

Photo courtesy of Rocking Horse Studios

People in the Claremont/Newport area of the state may have already caught a glimpse of the skyrocket of talent that is Evelyn Cormier. She was born there, and started singing and playing violin as 4-year-old, learning music and guitar at 11. She got the lead role in a local production of “Little Women” after just “walking in off the street,” says her mom, Jacky Cormier, adding, “That’s Evelyn.” She played in a family band, became the worship leader at her church at 14, and released her first EP before she was 17.

Her first music video, “Let It Run,” was released in 2017 and has been viewed over 250,000 times. A second, “Nickels and Dimes,” was released last year, and her latest, “Yard Sale Guitar,” produced by Brian Coombes of Rocking Horse Studio, dropped in January.

Oh, and she speaks French fluently.

Her talents got national exposure when she appeared on Season 5 of the popular TLC reality show “90 Day Fiancé” in 2017 (with the Euro boyfriend that she met on social media and then married on the show), but her most spectacular moves may be the ones she makes on the current season of “American Idol,” where the singer, now just 20, is reportedly doing very, very well.

None of this surprises her family, though her mom insists that “Evelyn never wanted to be a star.” She heard from some of her friends that they were casting for “Idol” so she tried out. “She hadn’t ever watched it — she’s just the kind of person who is ready for anything,” says her mom, adding that within hours of her audition they called her back and “she was off — bing, bang, boom.” But Evelyn doesn’t let success get in the way of her art, says Jackie: “She just loves singing and writing music.”

You can check her out when the “American Idol” auditions air on March 3 at the start of the show’s 17th season (the second season on ABC after it moved there from the Fox Network) or learn more at evelyncormier.com.

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