Shear Zen

Catching up with hair stylist Steven Dillon as he discusses trading in his A-list client sheet for peace and quiet in southern New Hampshire

Wielding shears like a conductor’s baton, Steven Dillon makes a visible symphony out of hair, each cut an opus for just one client. An expatriate of Manhattan, he ditched the Empire State lifestyle for something a bit more sane. Despite an A-list client sheet and a residency in NYC’s finest salons, he answered his own needs for a certain peace and moved to southern New Hampshire. Although he hasn’t lost any of his vision, rhythm or energy, here he is finally able to get some sleep.

  • I lived in Manhattan from 1988 to 2017. Due to the super- high energy in New York, I developed insomnia. I tried everything, but nothing helped.
  • I’m sleeping much better these days.
  • I’ve worked with many celebrities over the years.
  • Yoko Ono saw me do a makeover on “Inside Edition,” where I would often appear doing haircut makeovers. Yoko called my salon to invite me to her house to cut her hair. We instantly became friends.
  • Another dear client and friend was Natasha Richardson, the late wife of Liam Neeson. The second or third time I saw her,
  • I had a vision that her hair should be shorter.
  • She gave me the go-ahead to do a short, boyish pixie cut.
  • A few weeks later, she got a very big role in the movie “The Parent Trap.” A few weeks after that, she got the leading role in the revival of “Cabaret” on Broadway.
  • A good haircut should always emphasize the best features on a person’s face.
  • I’ve worked in places ranging from high tech to earthy.  
  • These days, I prefer to work in a clean, calm salon with a laid-back vibe and  a Zen luxe ambiance.  
  • Bien Soigné has natural light, which is really nice and a healing, relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a grand place to work.
  • I believe in gratitude as a resting state and all action as giving back. I’ve been active with Save the Children, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, UNICEF, Red Cross and other charities.
  • I would create a hair-cutting event once a year in NYC ... do as many haircuts as I could and donate all of the proceeds.
  • I love the people in New Hampshire. I love the “Live Free or Die” consciousness.
  • And no,  I don’t run with scissors. It’s still a pretty bad idea.

Salt of the Earth: Bien Soigné, the salon in Salem where Dillon works his tonsorial magic, is also home to one of the state’s largest “salt caves.” Lined with 18 tons of Himalayan salt, one can sit in a zero-gravity chair and simply soak up the health-inspiring atmosphere or enjoy guided meditation, massage or a variety of events, such as yoga sessions or their “Full Moon Gong Bath” (the next full moon is September 24). They also sell a variety of salt lamps to send some health home with you.



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