Quick and Easy Recipes for a Lovely Valentine’s Brunch

Thai-style French toast and iced coffee recipes to kick off the day that they’ll love
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Emshika Alberini’s delectable Thai French toast.

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us: Flowers will be purchased, chocolates will be eaten and quality time will be spent with that special someone. And what better way to manifest your love for that someone than making them brunch in a heat of passion and Gordon-Ramsay-esque fervor? Tie up your apron, slip on your oven mitt and fire up the stove — it’s time to make love in the kitchen. Emshika Alberini, chef and owner of Chang Thai Café in Littleton, shares this recipe for her Thai-style French toast and iced coffee — a quick and easy classic to satisfy those romantic brunch cravings. Just don’t forget the rose petals.

Thai French Toast

Missmegabug Changthai Thaibrunch Print 33Ingredients:
4 slices of white or whole grain bread
4 pieces of sausage link, peeled off the skin
3 eggs lightly beaten
½ cup of butter
1 tablespoon sugar
1 thinly chopped red pepper
2-3 thinly sliced green onions
2-3 cilantro leaves 

Lightly coat bread with lightly-beaten egg-and-sugar mix. Lay out sausage on the battered bread. Heat butter in large skillet over low-medium heat. Place bread sausage-side-down and cook until golden brown. Flip over and repeat. Rest on a paper towel, trim edges and cut each slice into four pieces. Sprinkle green onions, red pepper and cilantro onto the toast. Serve with Thai-style iced coffee. Makes two servings.

Thai-Style Iced Coffee 

2 cups dark-roasted coffee
2 glasses of ice
2 tablespoons condensed milk
1 tablespoon evaporated milk

Pour coffee in glass with ice, leaving about two inches of room for milk. Mix condensed milk and evaporated milk together. Pour mixture over coffee. Serve with Thai French toast. Makes two servings.

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