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Folk New Hampshire: Tyler Allgood

Tyler Allgood has been all around New England over the last five years, relying solely on his original songwriting. Allgood’s style is authentic and unique, as he effortlessly weaves genres of music together to create what is best described as Soulful Psychedelic Folk. His dark poetry storytelling and deep vocal croons find their home in a beautiful musical setting including hints of progressive rock that push the boundaries of the most heartfelt writing

His new album, “The Weight of Thunder” is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

For the folks chipping in, tuning in, liking and sharing the stuff.. words can’t describe how much I appreciate you!!! Haven’t worked in over a month, and this year isn’t looking too hot for someone in my shoes. So the help is amazing, thank you all so much!!! My page needs your love if you haven’t liked it yet https://www.facebook.com/Tyler-Allgood-105804507588807/Venmo @Tyler-Allgood-1Stay healthy. Always be kind 😍

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Thursday night listening!! Any help is super appreciated.. a like to my page https://www.facebook.com/Tyler-Allgood-105804507588807/Sharing this content or my Venmo below for those who can.My 2019 album available everywhere you hear music https://open.spotify.com/artist/19eLTjRz8YlyTUqJJZeTPHThank you all so much for the support !! Venmo @Tyler-Allgood-1

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Happy Monday everyone!! Enjoy some songs for your morning.. original requests are the bees knees but I know a great chunk of artists from the 60s and 70s For those who can spare Venmo @Tyler-Allgood-1But I’d love a like or follow if you haven’t yet!! https://open.spotify.com/artist/19eLTjRz8YlyTUqJJZeTPHThank you all for the love and support !!

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I really appreciate all the love and support in these trying times! I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe, and passing the days the best way possible. If you have anything to spare, you have no idea how much it helps, as I’m not seeing a paycheck til… not sure 🤔 but please, if you like what you hear, blow up my spot and like the page and stay tuned for a ton of new music! Original requests are the bees knees, but I have a big list below which could also generate ideas for next time. This was the best I could dig up for tonight, please chime in if you wanna hear something, or just drop a line to say what’s up. I love you! Stay kind 💗Venmo @Tyler-Allgood-1-Bob Dylan Don’t think twice it’s alrightPositively 4th streetJust like Tom thumbs Blues -Grateful DeadLoserBrown eyed woman Bird song BerthaMorning Dew-The Beatles Hey Jude Norwegian wood I’ve just seen a face Run for your life -Neil Young Ohio I am a child Cowgirl in the sand Tell me why -Johnny Cash Big river Folsom prison blues -John Prine Illegal smile -The Band The WeightLong black veil Don’t do it -Bill Withers Lean on me Season of the witch Donovan After midnight JJ Cale Fearless Pink Floyd Last time Rolling Stones All I want violent femmes Please read the letter Robert plant Alison Krauss Thanks all, you’re amazing !!!!

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Hey folks! Enjoy this Friday set 🎶🎙🎸❤️🔥🌙🌞 Original requests get me all jollied up. Feel free to leave a comment for a cover you like that I do or something to learn for a week or two!! Venmo @Tyler-Allgood-1 No shows or income til May, any likes shares and tips are super appreciated 💗

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Loving the amazing stuff in these groups!! I’ve been doing originals show from my page https://www.facebook.com/Tyler-Allgood-105804507588807/ to try and feel some normalcy without our shows. Figured I’d take a break and show you a few of my favorites Beware of darkness- George Harrison Lalena- Donovan Baby baby come home- Marvin Gaye Venmo @Tyler-Allgood-1 likes shares and tips super appreciated but not necessary. Hope everyone is doing well ❤️

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Hey everyone! Figured I’d give this a shot. My friend Otis Doncaster invited me in here, we are both singer songwriting NH fellas. Happy to be here, and to see so much goodness in one space! No virtual tip setup, if you like anything you hear, please go check out my album on Spotify Apple Music YouTube etc “The Weight of Thunder” Tyler Allgood, or find the band page (same name) on Facebook and throw me a like. I hope everyone is safe and healthy! I have a few originals picked out for you. You’ll probably be able to hear it, but I’m a recovering alcoholic, trying to make a living with my writing. Thank you 🙂

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Venmo @Tyler-Allgood-1 Thank you folks for tuning in during these crazy times!! We appreciate any kind of help while we are on hold from our work 💗

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