This Hampton Falls Café Is Your Home Away From Home

Enjoy locally sourced, healthy and delicious food at this family-owned eatery

Stop by and check out one of Native Coffee + Kitchen’s flavorful, eclectic dishes. Photo by Emily Heidt

The warm, inviting atmosphere at Native Coffee + Kitchen in Hampton Falls will make you want to stay well past your quinoa egg bowl and Energizer smoothie. Tucked over by the kid’s area is a sign that says, “Native: 1. Grown, produced, or originating in a particular place or in the vicinity. 2. The combination of our two children’s names, Natalie and Clive. Our business built on our little natives, and why we work hard to create a happy place for them and for you.” It’s a mission that owner Josh Newman began at the first location in Rye in 2017 and continues at the Hampton Falls location that opened this past fall.

The Impossible Burger is delicious and has a meat-like texture. Photo by Emily Heidt.

Inspired by his children, Newman founded Native Coffee + Kitchen as a way to celebrate family, food and community. “I wanted to design a business that was built on our own little natives,” says Newman. “We’re family-owned, locally sourced, chef-inspired, team-driven and eco-conscious. We want to provide local coffee and food to local people, and also make passers-through to feel like locals too.”

Community is at the heart of Newman’s work at Native. “We started this place to be a space where we could meet more of our community, give back to it and encourage new friendships along the way,” he says. “We also enjoy supporting our local police and fire departments as well as nonprofits like the Seacoast Science Center.” Newman aimed to design a casual, refreshing atmosphere where you will be able to feel at ease and part of the family, and he certainly succeeded.

The café is located minutes away from Hampton Beach, and takes advantage of its bright, natural lighting with varied open seating, concrete floors and Native logo hand-stamped on each table. Whether you pick a cozy high-top by the window, find a place at a community table (don’t forget to get to know your neighbor), or nestle in to a comfy chair out front, there is a place for everyone at Native. “We hope to be a meeting place where residents of Hampton Falls and neighboring towns can chat over a cup of coffee or grab a quick bite to eat,” says Newman. “Everyone and anyone are welcome. Accessibility is at the core of Native, and our menu and space is designed accordingly.”

The menu is built around a simple concept: create coffee and food that nourishes your soul and body. The eatery focuses on sustainability, authenticity, locally sourced and organic ingredients, and building a relationship with their customers. “We add character to our dishes and atmosphere, and we always want to exceed expectations,” says Newman.

I can confidently say that my experience at Native far exceeded any expectations that I had walking in. I stepped up to the counter with a host of food allergies, but no one on the staff blinked an eye when I asked about making modifications to a couple of menu items. After studying the menu, I decided on trying the Mediterranean chicken salad sandwich on gluten-free bread and flourless brownie for dessert. Newman also made me a couple of his favorites, the Impossible Burger, avocado toast and Heiwa tofu scramble. The food that was delivered to my little corner seat was colorful, fresh, healthy and almost too beautiful to eat.

The rich Flourless Brownie is the perfect end to any meal. Photo by Emily Heidt.

The sandwich was flavorful, filling and just as good to taste as it was to look at. Delicious gluten-free bread that stays together when you eat it is hard to come by, and this sandwich stayed together from beginning to end. The brownie was the brownie to end all brownies, as it was the perfect rich, savory delight to close out my feast.

Native Coffee + Kitchen prides themselves in making local, sustainable, delicious food all wrapped in a smile, and that was apparent from start to finish. While I didn’t leave room for the other items Newman whipped up, I still appreciated the craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Impossible Burger uses tasty plant-based ingredients to give it its punch of flavor and meat-like texture. The scramble boasts the same wow-factor with turmeric scrambled tofu, greens, avocado and sprouts with a cider soy vinaigrette on top. The toast is perfect for those who are interested in a lighter option. It includes avocado (of course), sea salt, truffle oil and sprouts served over multi-grain bread. Newman recommends adding an over easy egg to complete the dish. I was impressed by how something could be so vibrant and fresh at once, and made a note to have these be the next items to try and taste on my list.

Native Coffee + Kitchen combines a spunky, comfortable environment with a nutrient-rich ingredient list that will leave you wanting to stop by and fuel up again and again. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for eating good food that is also good for you. Their tasty variety, from powerful foods and beverages that support your lifestyle to their kid’s corner and kid’s menu, means that your vegetarian neighbor and gluten-free family member can all enjoy a meal here together. Next time that you are in Rye or Hampton Falls, pull up a trendy-looking seat, indulge in sweet oats while you pick up a cranberry cheesecake for your Christmas dinner, and get ready to eat healthy at your home away from home.

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