The Insider’s Scoop: Greg Kretschmar’s Picture-perfect N.H.

Tamworth Greg Kretschmar Photography

Tamworth, NH. Greg Kretschmar Photography

Greg Kretschmar is best known in New Hampshire as the host of the radio show “Greg and The Morning Buzz,” but he’s also an accomplished photographer. A lifelong New Hampshire resident, he started taking photos as a hobby in 2008. Today, he’s built a portfolio of images that capture the beauty of New England and the Granite State.

TAMWORTH: “Tamworth is one of the most beautiful towns in N.H., and it has such a laid-back country vibe that you can feel once you’re there. Mt. Chocorua looms over her and turns every season into a classic New England picturesque setting. Whenever I travel up Route 16, I make it a point to veer off to find roads I haven’t traveled there, and each time  Tamworth shows me something new that is well worth the journey.”

PORTSMOUTH: “I could write a book about what I love about Portsmouth. It’s one of the true gems of New England, let alone New Hampshire. It’s rich in history. So much so, you can feel it when you walk down the streets, or through Strawbery Banke. And as rooted as the city is in history, it’s also a vibrant, entertaining place to live. And as beautiful as she is in the daytime, Portsmouth comes alive at night. It’s a beautiful place for a nighttime walk with plenty of great restaurants and watering holes that make for a perfect  summer night. Portsmouth is my second home town, and I love her.”

NEW CASTLE: “What New Castle lacks in size, it makes up for in charm and beauty. This little island is the perfect place to watch the sunrise over Portsmouth Harbor Light, or watch the fishing and lobster boats head out to sea from the New Castle Commons. I have taken hundreds of photographs in and around it, and each time I go there, New Castle gives me something special.”

SUGAR HILL: “As a lifelong resident of N.H., and someone who loves to photograph her, I can tell you that there are few places that you can actually ‘feel,’ and Sugar Hill is one of them. As soon as you pass through Franconia and get off I-93, you can sense the vibe of this beautiful little town. It has a soul you can feel. And while it’s famous for the Lupine Festival and Polly’s Pancakes (rightfully so, by the way), she is beautiful in every season (and the folks who live there are nice as well!). Even at 17 degrees below zero, as when this photo was taken [below, right]. Sugar Hill is one of my favorite towns in all of N.H.”

You can visit Greg’s website at to see the photo below in detail, along with much more of his impressive work.

You can also purchase prints of his photos there as well.

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