The Faces of Stone

LandCare Stone and Stratham Hill Stone

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Of all the building products you’ll use, we believe that brick and natural stone will offer some of the greatest inspiration. With two New Hampshire stone yards, LandCare Stone and Stratham Hill Stone combine 13 acres of northern New England’s largest inventory of granite and blue stone, steps, landings and wall stone. For the inside or the outside of the home, we specialize in locally produced New England brick and stone for building, renovating, landscaping and masonry.

Because our brick and stone come from the best producers and quarries from around New England, it will be capable of meeting the widest range of designs and functionality — built to stand the test of weather and time.

We like that our customers want to know the story behind their brick and stone. As we proudly support our New England producers and those who work with our products, we are also dedicated to sharing our knowledge about one of New England’s oldest industries and the capabilities of the materials we sell.
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282 Knox Marsh Rd., Madbury
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313 Portsmouth AvE., Stratham
(603) 431-0088

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