The Faces of Quality Early Education Advocates

World Academy

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Founded in 1980, World Academy developed a progressive educational paradigm placing students’ needs first, unlike traditional education models. Gary and Kathy Nelson established a mission to serve children and their unique families by recognizing individuality, diversity and equity. Many people have impacted its growth, beginning with 38 students to now over 500 ranging from infants through grade 8. Past and present staff members have collaborated to keep this model responsive and relevant. Teachers, many there for over 20 years, guide the school and are empowered to stay on the cutting edge of their curriculum, ensuring students are gaining meaningful knowledge without gaps. Through innovation, teachers capture opportunities for students to thrive and flourish at their own rates, through their own interests, performing years ahead of their peers. The school functions with transparency unusual for educational institutions. Teachers, many with their own children attending, have a vested interest in ensuring quality as consumers, as well. Customer service is a longstanding trademark as administrators are consistently accessible to make sure everyone is served. Accredited by NEASC, they only answer to their families and have the freedom to make timely decisions effectively in the best interest of their students. Planning for the future, the school has established an endowment for perpetuity, providing a “world of opportunity” for generations to come.

138 Spit Brook RD., Nashua

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