The Face of Licensed Practical Nursing Education

Eileen Glover of the Community College System of New Hampshire/River Valley Community College Allied Health Programs

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When the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) needed to swiftly create licensed practical nursing (LPN) programs to meet the needs of healthcare facilities across the state, Eileen Glover took on the challenge. A nursing faculty member and department head of River Valley Community College’s Allied Health programs, Glover and her colleagues understood the need for an agile and cost-effective approach that could be offered in multiple regions of the state without duplicating overhead. Glover led in developing high-quality curriculum designed to be offered at campuses across CCSNH, extending opportunities for New Hampshire residents in a field with critical needs for LPNs for patient care positions. Glover and her colleagues hope not only to increase the pipeline of nurses, but also broaden it to include under-represented groups in healthcare roles. “As our state becomes more diverse, so too should the healthcare workforce,” Glover said. Now in its third year, CCSNH’s programs are anticipated to graduate 100 new LPNs annually and provide career ladders for current and future nurses.

26 College Drive, Concord

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