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Jon Pond is an American musician, singer, songwriter and co-founder of Spare Souls. Under the Spare Souls name, Jon released a self-titled 5-track EP entitled “Spare Souls” in 2017 and three singles in 2018 entitled “The Sun Came and Went”, “Catch Fire” and “Free Your Soul”. 2019 brought Jon’s latest single “The Road Less Known”. More music to come in 2020! Known as fierce, beautiful and eloquent, Jon’s voice and music set a fervent landscape of lyrical depth and melodic fortitude that’s sure to move you.

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Live Stream starts at 3pm!'s inspiring to see so many people come together and share their art during such a difficult time, while staying apart. In some ways, we're connected more than ever and I find that encouraging.I'll play songs from my Spare Souls catalog and a few unreleased tracks I'm working on. Maybe some covers, we'll see!Any contributions to my Venmo or PayPal will be split across two venues I was booked to play this weekend (Strong Style Coffee and Lops Brewing) and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's COVID-19 Response Fund.Venmo:'s stick together by staying apart and we'll get through this!

Posted by Spare Souls on Saturday, April 4, 2020


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