Skin and Ink in the Game: NH’s Talented Tattoo Studios

In New Hampshire, the popularity of tattoos is continuing to grow, and shops that offer welcoming environments are contributing to that growth. There are currently 175 tattoo shops registered as businesses in the state. In July, the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Manchester hosted the 15th annual Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo, a three-day event that underscores the growth of the industry. When it began in 2007, “We had 93 booths and the expo was only two days long,” says Mike Boisvert, graphics and stage manager for the event. This year, they featured 130 booths and over 200 artists, as well as piercers and various other vendors.

Generally speaking, tattooing is becoming more widely accepted as a social construct — and that’s good for business.

“There’s a lot of growth opportunity in New Hampshire,” says Neona Karageorgos, of Neon Lady Tattoo in Manchester. “There are a lot more studios opening up. There’s a wide array of talent out there for clients.”

Here’s a selection of the best and most accomplished studios and artists pressing needles to skin in the Granite State: