New Hampshire Magazine Debuts Two New Publications

Introducing Lifelong New Hampshire and Best Places New Hampshire

Lifelong New Hampshire, one of two new publications debuting in 2020, will be on newsstands and mailed to subscribers in February. By the way, this is a sample cover, so stay tuned for the big reveal.

It’s time to let you in on some exciting news — coming up in 2020, we’re debuting two special issues brought to you by the same team behind New Hampshire Magazine.

While our mission — to enrich your understanding of our great state — isn’t changing, the method in which we deliver that information is. In 2020, things will look a bit different. We’re introducing two brand new special publications, Lifelong New Hampshire and Best Places New Hampshire. In order to make room for our new titles, we’re combining the January and February issues of New Hampshire Magazine and, later in the spring, the April and May issues. Lifelong will appear in subscribers’ mailboxes and on newsstands in February, and Best Places will be released in May.

But don’t worry — the combined issues will still contain everything you’ve come to love and expect from New Hampshire Magazine. It’s our hope that the two new publications will enhance our mission, giving you even more in-depth coverage of the Granite State.

Lifelong is your guide to a life well-lived in New Hampshire. In three unique, comprehensive sections, the first of our new issues will cover the ins and outs of raising a family, establishing and growing a career, and transitioning into retirement. There’s an exciting list of contributors, including former ABC News “Primetime” correspondent Jay Schadler, Oscar winner Ernest Thompson, former American Paralympian swimmer Victoria Arlen and many more Granite Staters, all of whom will share inspiring stories of transformation. Read more about Lifelong below in a letter from Editor Rick Broussard.

For May, Best Places is about, well, this place we love and call home. All true Granite Staters think they live in the best place in the world, but we’re getting more specific. What’s the best place to find a good-paying job? To buy a new home? To send your kids to school? What’s the hottest strip for nightlife, the coolest park for family fun, the best backroad for antiquing? It’s a small state, but dense with such superlatives, and we’ll map them out for our readers (with plenty of maps and guides too).

We hope you enjoy both new issues, and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Lifelong New Hampshire

A letter from the editor:

New Hampshire Magazine Editor Rick Broussard

Lately the whole world seems stuck with political and cultural polarization, with polar ice caps turning into Slush Puppies, with endless wars and endless bad news about the world coming at us from every screen in our homes (and pockets). We keep hoping for things to change for the better, but where will that change come from?

Appearing February 2020, Lifelong New Hampshire is a new publication aimed at helping readers get unstuck and create positive change in their own lives, their state and maybe their world. It will challenge both old-timers and newcomers to New Hampshire to rediscover their passions and purpose and remember why they chose to live here. Lifelong offers the same storytelling and photographic quality that readers expect of New Hampshire Magazine, but applied to the transitions we experience at three crucial phases of adulthood: Youth, Midlife and what we call The Third Half of life after 60. It delivers ancient wisdom, practical resources and life-changing stories all deeply rooted here in the Granite State — the perfect place to choose the life you want to live and to live it to the fullest.

Features will include:

• Victoria Arlen, a young woman from Exeter with a crippling paralysis who becomes an internationally known gold medal swimmer in the Paralympics, then, through holistic medicine, hard work and a mother’s love she regains the use of her legs. She now helps lead Project Walk Boston, rehabilitating people with disabilities where physical therapy and occupational therapy stop. Her motto: Face it, embrace it, defy it, conquer it.

• Matty Gregg, a successful engineer at Apple in California retires in his 40s to run 4,000 miles across the country, talking to people along the way, just so he can return home to New Hampshire and write a book about what’s right with America. Along the way he meets his future wife. Now he’s considering a run for political office with a plan to truly unite the US.

• Three acclaimed Hollywood actor/producers live in our Lakes Region — two Academy Award winners and an internationally beloved troubadour (Ernest Thompson, Estelle Parsons and John Davidson). Their ages range from 70 to 91, but all are still shaking up the entertainment industry by innovating and producing some of their finest work in the aftermath of their own transformations.

All of these remarkable people have experienced the power of transformation in their lives and are eager to share with our readers the essential ingredients in their journeys. But there’s more. Lifelong is a tool box of expert advice for surviving transitions and discovering transformation in mind, body and spirit. It’s directed by some of the state’s most fascinating and accomplished citizens and guided by Emmy-winning ABC journalist Jay Schadler, who underwent a transformation of his own by simply stopping to ask himself, “Who am I now?”

The concept behind Lifelong is that positive transformation is contagious. You catch it from those who have been there and from those currently experiencing it. This publication, a full year in the making, is our way of spreading the power of transformation to our readers and through them to our state and our world.

Creating Lifelong has been a labor of love for me and my colleagues at New Hampshire Magazine. I hope you’ll join us in this mission — as a reader or advertiser — and begin to be the change you want to see in the world.

Rick Broussard