Meet Fine Carpenter Ryan Hulse

Hulse uses new and old wood to custom-build coasters, cutting boards and more
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Shown here are Hulse’s letter tiles with custom words arranged for very personal wall art. He also letters weathered wood with surnames or the slogan of your choice. Photo by Susan Laughlin

Ryan Hulse of Nashua just loves the look and feel of wood weathered by time, ocean waves or human use. He is continually on the hunt for neglected antiques and scraps of discarded wood to repurpose into clever signage and more. Find an ottoman made from an old trunk, a surfboard-turned-coffee-table or an old washboard for wall art in his online galleries. They all speak softly of their original function, and showcase the natural patina and texture of well-worn wood.

Hulse custom-builds just about anything from new wood too, saying, “I enjoy making new things look old.” The end result can be coasters, cutting boards or even a soaring living room mantel. Fine carpentry is his first love. He gave up his high-end market-ing job about two years ago, and now uses his graphic design ability to conjure and produce fun and practical wood-based objects that can be found for sale on Instagram, Etsy or custom-ordered. 

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