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The Periodontal Office of Dr. Roland R. Bryan

769 South Main Street, Manchester, NH 03102
Phone Number: (603) 623-3800
Specialty: Periodontics

We don’t just treat teeth, we treat the whole person.


Dr. Bryan is a graduate of Tufts Dental School and completed his periodontal training at Boston University Hospital. He has been in private practice since 1993 and specializes in periodontics and dental implants. Following a complete periodontal evaluation, Dr. Bryan will assist you in developing a comprehensive periodontal treatment plan. Some of your treatment plan options may include dental implants, scaling and root planing, gingival grafting for recession, pocket elimination procedures and aesthetic laser contouring.


When arriving at Dr. Bryan’s office, you will find a confident, professional and comforting atmosphere. You will quickly see that you are surrounded by the latest in dental technology including digital radiography and dental laser therapy. Whether you are considering localized or comprehensive periodontal therapy, Dr. Bryan’s team always makes your care their top priority.