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Manchester Dental

36 Bay Street, Manchester, NH
Phone Number: (603) 624-4147

We are very honored to be named again as one of the top dentists in the State of New Hampshire by our peers! Our brand-new facility located in the heart of the North End of Manchester offers the best dental treatment for all ages!

Our services include cleaning, fillings, crowns, root canals, extraction, and implants. Our hygiene department is a particular strength, providing excellent cleaning, diagnostic x-ray, and promoting oral hygiene care to prevent dental diseases, including caries and periodontal diseases. Our practice also offers digital x-ray, which reduces unnecessary radiation significantly, and obtains the image instantly to a computer screen. Infection control and adhering to the latest CDC guidelines are top priorities in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all patients and staff. Please call our office to make an appointment for you and your family.