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James Rochefort D.M.D. Family Dentistry

801 Central Avenue, Dover, NH 03820
Phone Number: 603-742-0711
Specialty: General Dentistry

Dr. James Rochefort is honored to again be named one of New Hampshire’s Top Dentists. This year has certainly brought challenges no one expected, but Dr. Rochefort has worked hard to stay on top of the changing landscape of dentistry to ensure the continued quality care of his patients. While outfits may have changed, the whole team still strives to provide personalized and thoughtful care to each and every patient that comes through the door. In addition to allowing dental care to be completed without the need for numbness, the Solea dental laser produces far less aerosols than the traditional dental drill, helping provide safe, comfortable care for patients of all ages. Dr. Rochefort continues to add new technology to improve the patient experience and strives to continue to practice tomorrow’s dentistry today.